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Over 24 Years of
Holistic Healing experience


Rita Bojorquez

Rita Bojorquez is a Spiritual Coach & Energetic DNA Practitioner. She has developed her own unique Holistic Healing System by working with the five elements, organs and meridians. Her passion is to bring health and healing to her clients using her higher gifts of sight, perception and her understanding of  Universal Oneness that integrates her client’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life bringing harmony from within.  
Clients have reported feeling as if they are:
"floating on a cloud of new energy and wellness".

Rita’s dream to build a healing movement that allows the soul to spring forth, helping people elevate their consciousness while revitalizing their bodies to enjoy a vibrant life!
Since 1994, Rita has owned and operated
Healing Dynamics, LLC in Scottsdale AZ.

Rita's HOLISTIC Healing

  • Discover natural talents within yourself, increase clarity, and awaken to your life purpose.

  • Experience grounded/centeredness.

  • Master the ability to create with focused intention.

  • Embrace harmonious lifestyle habits to promote productivity.

  • Cultivate the language of Self-Love and its healing effects.

  • Increase awareness of the abundance in and around you.

  • Actively and consciously contribute to the evolution of mankind.

“Healing bodies and igniting souls.”


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